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The Move Your Body Wellness Day is an event focused on all areas of Mental, Emotional & Physical Wellbeing. Targeting common issues in the Health & Fitness industry, talking all things nutrition and movement, You are guaranteed to leave feeling nothing short of inspired and equipped with the tools and information you need to make small healthy changes in your everyday life. 

The Wellness Day features Guest Speakers, Movement Classes, Nutritional Workshops, Health and Wellness Stalls to explore and shop & More!

We bring a new light to the Health & Wellness Industry and give you the knowledge you need to take back control of your own health.

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This is the second Wellness Day I have attended and I can’t explain how much I have taken away from it especially with respect to my own personal health. 
 The latest Wellness Day was on the topic of balance which I think plays on our minds all of the time!  Mostly because we strive for it and can’t seem to achieve it!
 As a mother of 2,  someone who is running her own business and someone who is trying to run a house, a husband and maintain relationships with family and friends, the idea of looking after myself gets pretty low on the priority list.  
This was a wakeup call for me following the recent Wellness Day and after hearing one of the guest speakers say ‘yes it can be hard, but it’s not too hard’ I thought – your right!  Let’s do this!

 It is only early days but I am loving my new lease on life and the motivation I now have from listening to a number of inspirational women! 
I can’t speak highly enough of this event and I am already looking forward to next year!"

Hayley Brown

"Do yourself a favour- so informative & prevalent for what we deal with in the current day. Speakers really were a great team- each with a very similar message, which helps you to feel like you're on the right path. Please, if you get a chance go to one of these events, Go for you and for those you love!"

Belinda Millar

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