Sponsor & Partner Opportunities

We are currently seeking likeminded individuals or businesses to partner with and support our upcoming Mental Health Wellness Day on 31st March 2019.

What the Wellness Day is all about?

The Move Your Body Wellness Day is an annual Not For Profit (NFP) community event focused on supporting our guests in all areas of their Mental, Emotional & Physical Wellbeing. In a one day event we aim to provide the latest in health Education, Connection – to specialists and others in the community, and Inspiration, to create more self-aware, health conscious individuals and families, who simply strive to create small healthy changes, everyday.

Targeting common issues in the Health, Fitness & Wellness industry, this event discusses popular topics such as nutrition, mindset, movement and behaviours.

Our goal – to have our guests leave feeling nothing short of inspired and equipped with the tools and knowledge they need to make small healthy changes in their everyday life. 


We focus on Education and Connection to bring our guests a full wellness day experience that removes expectations & guilt, and enriches them with the knowledge they need to take back control of their own health and set themselves up for success.  

We bring a new light to the Health & Wellness Industry and give YOU the knowledge you need to take back control of YOUR own health.
The Wellness Day features
- Guest Speakers
- Movement Classes
- Cooking Demonstrations
- Health and Wellness Stalls Exhibition
& More!

What will you gain from partnering with the Move Your Body Wellness Day?

- Maximum exposure at a Community event focusing on all areas of Health, Fitness and Wellness.
- The opportunity to deliver a clear message that you have a genuine commitment to the community
- High visibility on the official event website and event marketing materials
- Access to approximately 150 enthusiastic customers who are actively participating in the event + reach of up to 500+ additional customers throughout the marketing campaign and follow up of the event
- The chance to showcase your products and services
- The ability to harness all five senses to drive home your corporate message
- The opportunity for 1:1 marketing
- Building brand awareness
- Educating the market
- Building prospect database